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Clogged CPU cooler Completely blocked Laptop cooler Is your PC a potential fire hazard? This power supply overheated and failed It doesn't take long for your laptop to look like this

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Computer and Laptop Servicing

In Bury St. Edmunds and surrounding area

A PC or Laptop needs to be serviced regularly to maintain its performance and reliability. If your computer has become slow or unstable, gets hotter than usual, or makes more noise than usual, that is usually a sign that a service is long overdue. Overheating caused by blocked fans and coolers is the most common cause of computer failure. Please click on a photo to see some real life examples.

Computers that run too hot for long periods can cause permanent damage to the motherboard, CPU, and graphics chips. Often, the cost of replacing some of these parts is far more than the computer is worth! For a PC or Laptop that is in regular everyday use we would recommend a full service at least once a year.

Prolong the life of your computer - book a service today!

We have three service options to choose from:

A PC Health Check - helps to identify any system components or hardware that may not be functioning correctly or are about to fail. Early detection of failing hardware can save you pounds by avoiding further damage to other associated components or the computers motherboard. It can also help prevent the loss of valuable data.

A Software Service - is a thorough check and clean up of your operating system, registry files and installed software. Device drivers will be updated to the latest versions and your system will be fully scanned for any Malware, Trojan or Virus infections, defragmented so that your applications will open quicker, and optimised so your system becomes more responsive and reliable. Anti Virus software will also be checked to ensure that it is up to date and configured correctly, and that it is suitable for your needs.

A Full System Service - is a complete and thorough service that involves cleaning out the case, fans, coolers and vents to ensure that your PC or Laptop is able to cool itself properly, and incorporates our Software Service, designed to restore your computers speed, security and stability. Finally, an analysis of your systems hardware status and performance with our PC Health Check will help to ensure the longevity and reliability of your system.